Boost Your Social Media Engagement with These Secret Hacks

Are you frustrated by the lack of engagement in your social media channels? Do you think that you are the worst in social media marketing? There are cases that you can’t rack up more than a handful of comments or likes, no matter how hard you try or how often your post.

In the recent years, social media marketing has emerged as one of the powerful strategies to attract massive traffic and drive more sales. According to the latest research reports by the Social Media Examiner, “92% of marketers say they have increased exposure through social media, and 80% see positive results for traffic.”

If you are one among the people who battle to gain the attention of your target audience, here are a few hacks that work for you.

Leverage Social Proof

When it comes to social media engagement, social proof can give you a powerful psychological advantage. Sometimes, we are busy in analyzing traffic, clicks, and conversions, and often forget there are real people involved. This is the place where you have to leverage the power of psychology to engage with your users.

Encourage Reviews

What is the first thing you do when you come across an ad for a product online? You will check the reviews, right?

Reports say that customers are more likely to follow a brand or company with multiple positive reviews for a product online. So, encourage your fans to add reviews and inspire others to follow.

Display Shares

Displaying the number of shares in a blog post shows viewers the popularity of the article.  Also, the proper placement of share icon on your social media posts can even have a significant impact on the shares that you receive. By making your ‘Share This’ icon more prominent, you can increase social media marketing by more than 3000%

Repeat and Repurpose Content

Did you know repurposing social media content can reach a maximum number of fans and achieves substantial ROI? Here are some simple tricks to repurpose your content.

  • Convert successful articles into video scripts
  • Transform staff interviews into a storytelling series
  • Make presentations into eBooks or Slideshare
  • Transform boring statistics into colorful infographics

Find What’s Trending

Do you really care about the engagement of your social media posts? Then, you should find out what’s trending. From #SundayFunday to #BlackLightning, it’s important to identify what everyone’s talking about.

This doesn’t mean that you should include your brand in every conversation. Instead, research and find a trending hashtag that fits well with your product offering.

Lastly, create a bit of marketing buzz to spark social media engagement. Sometimes, creating a marketing buzz takes time and work, but it is well worth it. Put up a big ‘coming soon’ message on your page, but the trick is to keep an element of mystery while hinting at great things soon to come. The possibilities to create a buzz are endless, and the limit is your imagination.

With all the above tricks, you can boost your social media engagement even if you have a zero budget or a low fan count. Visit to get in touch with the leading social media marketing agency.

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